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Norwegian music professionals has called him

the best kept secret in the business. 


Renowned music critics have praised his music as «sensational» (Radio P3, Norway's largest radio station for new music) and «almost legendary» (VG, Norways biggest newspaper).


Less than 6 months after his debut, Han Herman (21) has become one of Norway's most exciting music exports.

And he has only played 5 concerts in his entire life!

Skjermbilde 2022-09-07 kl. 20.37.16.png

"The phenomenon Han Herman sings quite simply magically. Check him out. Then, in a few years, you can say:


I saw Han Herman before he was the headliner at Øya Festival, before he sang at princess Ingrid Alexandra's wedding and before he opened the Winter Olympics in Oslo."


-, Espen Roness

Norway's largest radio station for new music.

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Friday 16. sept. 21:00 at Revolver

Saturday 17. sept. 19:30 at Vulkan Arena

"It felt like a discovery of something that is going to be big. Impressive songwriting, a good voice, a smart band, confidence and radiance on stage, a head that has absorbed many sources of inspiration, and an obvious insight into the craft that creates viable and good pop music.


Han Herman is not going to Oslo, he is going out into the world." 


- Audun Molde

Musicologist | Senior lecturer, Department of Music

Coming Out For You_hele liggende_LITEN.jpg

"With beautiful lyrics and a solid band, Han Herman has everything he needs to blow the roof off Bylarm this year.


Han Herman should be seen and heard, and soon, if only to be able to brag that you were there when Han Herman exploded.» 


- NATT&DAG, Newspaper

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His exceptional debut concert at Kvarteret in Bergen drew hundreds of people. Han Herman was suddenly on everyone’s lips, with more and more people taking note of his exceptional voice of international quality, and amazing songs.


Han Herman were the support act for Metteson (who won Årets Stjerneskudd at by:Larm 2021) at USF Verftet in April.

The music is produced and mixed by

Odd Martin Skålnes (Aurora, Sigrid, and more),

Vetle Junker (Metteson, and more),

Christopher Brandt (Disaster In The Universe, and more)

Simon Bergseth (Karpe, Emilie Nicolas, and more). 

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